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Overcome engineering challenges
of your growing business

As builders and leaders, we have navigated the growth journey multiple times. We bring this experience to help organizations build sustainable, high-performance teams.

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We have 60+ years of collective experience. Our team has scaled systems to support 2 billion+ devices & managed petabyte-scale projects.

Vedang Manerikar

World class engineer. Knows how to scale
Avid Reader. Knows more than Wikipedia.
Vedang Manerikar

Prajwalit Bhopale

Managed Product, Design, Frontend teams.
Treks for inspiration.
Prajwalit Bhopale

Kiran Kulkarni

Data and AI expert. Rapid Innovator.
Built AI teams before AI was cool.
Kiran Kulkarni

Kapil Reddy

Curious educator
Business-first software generalist.
Serial community builder.
Server whisperer
Kapil Reddy

Outcome Driven Leadership

Move the needle.
We help teams identify, discuss, collaborate on, and measure “what is important” as a business
Align engineering with business.
We believe that all decisions should be taken keeping business priorities front-and-center
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Outcome Driven Leadership

Culture of Excellence

Build high-performance teams.
We work with you and your team to foster a culture of excellence and outstanding performance.
No shortcuts to excellence.
Building the right culture requires time, so we work on long-term engagements.
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Culture of Excellence

Facing these engineering growth challenges?

We partner with you to identify and address what's holding your organization back, unlocking the next level of your team's performance.

Product and Engineering are shipping, but we are not moving the needle.

Company doesn’t have the same vibe that it used to when we were small.

We are constantly firefighting, there is no time for innovation.

We have hired but that slowed us down

Engineering is slow to ship features

There a high churn in the engineering team


Vishwesh Jirgale

Vishwesh Jirgale

Angel Investor

Don't take it from us

See what other people have to say.

“Working with Prajwalit for 2 years, I learned more than ever before. He skillfully guided my transition to engineering manager, positioning both the team and company for success. A great leader, he helped scale our startup impressively. Would love to team up again!”

Ramya Venkatesh
Engineering Manager @ Helpshift

“Kapil, an outstanding mentor, has guided me in management with invaluable insights and motivation. He encouraged me to master technical concepts and bridge tech-business gaps. Grateful for his lessons in people and project management, I owe much of my success to him.”

Vaibhav Kakade
Engineering Manager @ Airbase

“Kapil, a master in understanding engineering orgs, excels in people, processes, and software interplay. Admired for his skills in persuasion, managing up, and personal branding, his insights help engineers grow into effective leaders. Conversations with him are always insightful and actionable.”

Amogh Talpallikar
Engineering Manager @ Helpshift

“Kiran, a transformative leader, has excellently guided Salarybox's tech growth from MVP to over 1M users. Renowned for his fresh perspectives and eagerness to learn, Kiran's leadership extends beyond tech, significantly shaping our team culture and best practices. His dedication and availability exemplify his profound impact as a mentor and tech leader.”

Peeyush Goyal
Founder - Salarybox, YC-2021

“Kiran excels as an engineering leader, methodically ensuring his teams deliver top results. Strong in data and storytelling, he's an inspiring, rockstar colleague and friend.”

Pawan Sevak
AI/ML Product Leader @ Adobe

“Prajwalit's unique perspective on varied management problems have helped me developed good judgement. His discussion based approach helped me understand the situation well, and make good decisions by myself. It is an honour to have been mentored by him.”

Rubal Jabbal
Engineering Manager @ Helpshift

“Vedang identified shortcomings through ongoing discussions and specifically targeted those areas with practical examples. The lessons I learned were directly applicable to my day-to-day responsibilities. I highly recommend Vedang to any engineering professional looking to improve their leadership abilities.”

Pranav Kelkar
Senior software developer @ Airattix Storage

“Vedang's session was really helpful in three critical aspects - experience sharing (which was relatable for many), effective engagement and expert assistance for devising the path ahead.”

Rohan Katepallewar
Senior Manager @ Educational Initiatives